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Our Patron 

     Sri Ambal Educational and Charitable Trust is a manifesto of intellectual and social mentors.The trust was established with an express purpose of being a vehicle that will bring about this catalytic change in the educational scenario of Vilathikulam. Sri Ambal Vidhyalaya has been designed to be the hub of education in this region.This institute is very much blessed to have this gracious cluster of patrons to flap its wings and fly with bright colours.

     Hon. Chairman Er. Shri. G. Veemaraj, has taken the wings of profession in the world renowned city, Madras. His exquisite construction of houses is very much affordable and comfortable to dwell in. He is one of the best civil engineers and a boon to the modern dwellers. This prominent scholar is an epitome of human values and intelligence. He is a philanthropist with a lot of innovative ideas of presenting the best infrastructure to all kinds of institutions. His words are lively and bountiful inspirations to the listeners. It is significant to cite that his concentric ideasof learning methods enhance the memory level and applicatory of concepts.

     Hon. Trustee Smt. Masheshwari Raj is an eminent teacher of Zoology, has dedicated her life to uphold the significance of human ethos, Ecological Balance, Environment and ultimately spirituality. She has been active in carrying out these precious concepts to the growing school children. Her priceless service to our school is a highbrow source of motivation for our staff and children.

     Hon. Trustee Shri. S. K. Subba Reddiar is a vibrant social worker and devotes his precious phase of time for the growth and cherishment of the school. His valuable directions empower us to reach our goals in the stipulated time. He is an inspirational source to our school staff and students.

     Hon. Trustee SR. Shrinivas is widely acknowledged as an industrialist in the southern districts of Tamilnadu. The mere word philanthropist is inadequate to depict his industrious initiatives to develop our school.His is very keen in regulating our on time delivery of service with remarkable quality.

     Hon. Trustee Advocate Shri. G. V. Markandayan, Member of Legislative Assembly, Vilathikulam - Constituency, Tamilnadu, is an active illustrious and Socio-Economic philanthropist working tirelessly to lift the inspiring learners, agriculturists, businessmen and industrialists. His smiles expedite our service to be better than ever. His scintillating ideas help us to execute our plans successfully on time. It is very much notable that he strives immensely to improve the economy of the society. He is one of our core patrons who lunges his best efforts each day to customize and standardize our service to the society.

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School Philosophy 

     Sri Ambal Vidhyalaya believes that children learn the best in an atmosphere of respect and caring. A School must be vibrant learning centre where the young fertile minds are secure and free to explore the limits of their unlimited potentials.And, this school is committed to instill children with a sense of belongingness, self worth, direction, spirit, confidence and self-motivation. We believe that a joint venture of students, parents, staff, management and community will strengthen educational opportunities and develop a strong value system.

     We strive to provide education with many relevant, integrated, interesting and meaningful exercises so that children meet the challenges of ever changing global society successfully.

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