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The Aim


The school aims to provide holistic education to all Students

The school aims to provide holistic education that emphasizes high academic and social standards, promotes healthy life style, cultivates critical thinking, fosters scientific temper, and instills desire for lifelong learning.

Vision Statement


To inspire the minds of younger generation and equip them to be self-reliant.

To enable our students engaged in realizing and exploring the limits of their full human potentials to contribute them graciously to the society.

Mission Statement


To educate the students in all facets of life

  • To ensure the provision, progress and preservation of the academic and all round development of the students.
  • To provide students a strong foundation and nurture them to realize their potential.
  • To make them fearless individuals who can set forth into the world taking confident strides.
  • To bring out scholastic and forth coming students in all fields.
  • To ensure discipline and raise well behaved children who have an analytical blend of mind.
  • To develop individual thinking among students.
  • To inculcate the tendency for questioning and observing the world around them.
  • To educate the students in all facets of life: in academics and extra-curricular activities, in improving their social skills, enhancing their language abilities, appreciating aesthetic beauty and cognitive skills to foster independent thinking and help them meet the needs and the challenges of their higher education.

Core Beliefs


Benchmarking and building with the best system in education world.

  • To be a strong agent of change by making a positive difference in the lives of all we touch.
  • Student centred learning for holistic development of children.
  • Qualified and committed faculty that helps the child to discover and cultivate his / her unique gifts.
  • Leading and diverse curriculum that aims at fostering critical thinking, creativity, physical development, inculcating core values and personal integrity.