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School Year

The school year follows the C.B.S.E stream. Usually, it starts in April and ends in March. Summer vacation is usually in May. The school will grant short holidays according to the calendar. Gazette holidays are followed as per C.B.S.E guidelines and Gazette of state and central Government

Day schooling


The day school students can arrive in the morning and go back home in the afternoon when the classes are over. Lunch will be provided in the school for all the students.



We have excellent hostels inside the school campus.

The hostels are well equipped and have comfortable facilities for the resident students. They are homeaway from home. The school has taken extensive measures to make sure that the students have very clean and hygienic facilities all round the year and the children are well looked after. They are nurtured in a safe and secure environment. Extensive care is taken to provide nutritious food to them.